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What forms of online casino scams are there on the internet?

When it comes to casino games on the Internet, not a few players assume fraud immediately. What was actually a problem in the early days of the Internet or online casinos today is virtually excluded by the extensive regulation. Legislation has also set a tight framework for online casinos to act. Without proof of compliance, there is no gambling license. But where there are guidelines, greedy vendors are trying to find loopholes that can be exploited. These may not be legally voidable, but still evidence of dubious behavior. This page shows you some important things to watch out for.

  • Manipulation of the game results
  • Delayed payouts
  • Unauthorized account blocking
  • Unfair bonus terms

How can one protect oneself from manipulation of game results?

As a player you can hardly look behind the scenes of an online casino and how random the individual scores are, one can only guess. But there is a way to identify secure and reliable providers. In fact, if a casino has a gambling license, it means that the random number generator (RNG) is under the supervision of the regulator and all the scores are transparent. For example the UK casino regulation is done by the Gambling Commission.

The licensing terms also require monthly releases of disbursement rates performed by independent testing laboratories. However, a casino can not hire any testing laboratory, but may only hire a company certified by the regulatory authority. First of all, pay attention to which authority the casino has received its gambling license from.

Delayed Payments - How long may the processing take?

To begin with, there are no binding rules on how long a payout can take at most. However, there are some clues to distinguish good from bad casinos. But first we have to differentiate between the processing time through the casino and the actual transfer. In addition, there is the identity check for the prevention of money laundering, which, however, as in the MrGreen Casino only needs to be done once and should not be considered here.

The actual transfer Let's look first at the duration of the actual transfers. This depends heavily on the technical and organizational conditions of the individual payment service providers. Purely electronic transfers within a provider are usually processed immediately. So if you have a payout via PayPal The transfer from the PayPal account of the casino to your personal PayPal account will happen in fractions of a second. When it comes to bank transfers between two different institutions, this looks a little different. Even if these are also done electronically today, there may be slight delays here. Normally this should not last longer than a day, but in exceptional cases it can take up to 3 days over the weekend. But the longest payment takes place via a bank check. This must first be created and then sent by post, which can take a few weeks in total.

The duration of the actual transfer still comes the processing by the casino. This includes the internal processing for the preparation of the transfer execution as well as the documentation for the proof of money laundering prevention for the legislator. Depending on the internal organization, this may take a different amount of time, but it should not take more than 3 days. But if this process takes 6 days, for example, then you have to ask yourself if the casino is working professionally or if the payments are not deliberately delayed, in order to give the player the opportunity to cancel the payment yet again and again play. Although this is not an online casino fraud in the true sense, this is a bit dubious.

Casino VIP Programs
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Casino VIP Programs

Most online casinos offer some kind of loyalty program to their customers. These are tailor made to reward players who stay at the same casino for a long time - simply a reward to the loyal customers. This is why the casinos also benefit, so you can safely say that this is a win-win situation! However, loyalty programs can be confusing if you are not used to them. This article gives you a brief explanation of the main features of such programs and just how useful they can be to you.

Bonus Points

Almost all loyalty programs are based on bonus points, although in some cases they have other names such as VIP points, Comp points etc. You earn points by putting in bets, and there is usually a base rate for earning points, such as. 1 point for every € 10 you spend at the casino. These points are saved to the player's account in the same way that money does, and the moment a player reaches a given score, a reward is triggered. Sometimes this happens completely automatically when the player has earned the necessary points, while other times it is the player himself who has control over this and chooses when to redeem the points. As a rule, the status of the bonus points is adjusted once a month.


Players convert the bonus points they have earned into rewards, and those rewards are usually money. This is not real money in that you cannot withdraw it, but it can be used as a bet, just like regular money, in the games the casinos offer. However, the winnings you win are real money! Some online casinos offer other types of rewards such as. effects, prizes and tours. How much rewards or what kind of rewards you get depends on the status of the player in the loyalty program.


Many loyalty programs consist of several levels. All players start at the lowest level and can then work their way up to the higher levels by earning a certain number of points or depositing a certain amount of money. As players advance up the levels, many things are improving. Players earn more bonus points for every bet they make, perhaps better deposit bonuses, faster withdrawals, higher monthly bonuses, special cashback deals and much more.

Some casinos also require e.g. a monthly minimum bet from their players or that players must above a given point threshold. If you do not exceed this threshold, you may in some cases fall down the level ladder or lose your points / not transfer them to next month etc. Again this practice varies and if you choose such a program you should make sure that you plays a lot of casino! Players who may just stop by occasionally will benefit from a loyalty percentage that transfers points and does not have such a threshold system.

Sometimes the highest level of a loyalty program is reserved for VIP players, and can only be reached through an invitation from the casino's management. Here the players get the ultimate treatment, the best rewards and the best benefits!

Auction Variant

There are as many different loyalty programs as there are online casinos, and this means that there are many special variations on this basic system. The most common variant is the auction loyalty program. This system acts as an auction system rather than as a trading system. The players still earn points for their bets, but the points are now used instead to win prizes.


Sometimes online casinos run special promotions where certain games provide double or triple catch of bonus points within a specific period. You may want to look for such promotions if you plan to invest a lot of money! It can also be several restrictions at the various casinos, so it is important that you read all the rules and what is written in small print before throwing yourself into a new loyalty program.

What should you look for in a loyalty program?

Experts recommend that you look at the reward structure of the loyalty program you want to choose, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I get back?
  • Are the things I get, what I really want?
  • Can I get these rewards by playing the way I do?
  • Do you actually want the things you can get at your level?
  • How do you earn points?
  • Is it that the points are the same on each machine, or is it different that different machines give different bonus points?

These questions can help you evaluate the casino's plan and find the loyalty program that's right for you. After all, loyalty programs exist to give players a better gaming experience and to increase the value of their gambling. If you are going to gamble, then never gamble without being part of a loyalty program. If you do, you will get nothing back for your efforts - and remember to gamble with your head, not your head!

So therefore…

  1. Choose an online casino you like, preferably one of our partners, and stick to it. The rewards are based on repetition and player loyalty, so flipping from one casino to another will not benefit you in the long run. Do not place a single bet on an online casino until you have registered for the casino's loyalty program!
  2. Only play at casinos that offer lifetime rewards. This means that if you reach a certain VIP status you do not risk losing this level.

These are just a few general guidelines, and as I said, there are loads of different loyalty programs out there. Loyalty programs usually work very well and can be profitable, but it can take time before you get the rewards. Therefore, it may be okay to be prepared not to expect to get results right away. Loyalty programs are designed to reward players who are loyal to the casino, so play long and hard to be rewarded properly!

NYX Gaming
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NYX Gaming

NYX Gaming Group Limited is one of the oldest game developers in today's casino market - founded back in 1999 and headquartered in the most suitable city in the world: Las Vegas! Yes, what could be better than creating online digital slot machines from the world's casino capital? NYX Gaming is a world renowned international player that has provided us with many wonderful games . Here you can read more about NYX and their sister company, all of whom are part of the giant casino group called SG Digital . We have been following the casino industry since the early 1990s and therefore know exactly what you need to know!

Who is NYX Gaming?

It is actually quite difficult to explain who NYX Gaming is, as this company is part of a larger group of casino companies including Bally, Scientific Games and several other well-known developers under the same roof. NYX Gaming is one of the older game developers out there, and has its own subsidiary that runs the slot machines . Yes, many casino players and other gaming sites with reviews and the like make mistakes when writing that a game is from "NYX Gaming"! Namely, NYX Interactive is developing slot machines in the large casino group. SG Digital has offices around the world and is listed on the US NASDAQ. A very serious company, that is, with a global scope.

What licenses does NYX Gaming have?

If we talk about safety and security, not many casino companies out there can compare with SG Digital. NYX Gaming and Scientific Games had their own casino licenses around the world, but after the merger they have gained far greater power. Nowadays, they are allowed in all regulated areas around the world, with EU licenses and international licenses opening up operations in all possible countries . All of their games are tested by independent third parties, and fairness is guaranteed by so-called Random Number Generators, ie random number generators. This way you can play without a hint of worry and enjoy modern VCRs wherever you are.

Where to find games from NYX Gaming?

When you are as big a company as SG Digital, all the world's online casinos will work with you. This is because SG Digital has all kinds of licenses behind it, as well as a bunch of amazing slots that all work great on every possible device. Thus, you will find games from NYX Interactive and the other subsidiaries in the same group at hundreds of online casinos, including several of the most popular players on the market . We can recommend solid online casinos like Kaboo Casino , where a lucrative welcome package and lovely customer service will guarantee you a positive experience. Or less, thematic online casinos like Fantasino and AHTI Games, with customized bonuses and countless video slots waiting.

What about mobile-friendly?

NYX Interactive has not created as many games as compared to other casino providers in the same corporate group, but of course all their slot machines are also available on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The NYX games can thus be enjoyed wherever you are, as long as you have a mobile phone / tablet with internet connection . Several of these games contain huge potential rewards, so why not try them out the next time you sit on the train or wait for the bus?

Best Slots from NYX Gaming

NYX Interactive, the subsidiary of NYX Gaming that creates video machines, has given us just over a dozen games over the years, which is far fewer than many other players out there. However, all these slots are worth a try - especially the newer titles with 3D graphics and cool bonus features. Here are some of the games from NYX that we think deserve your attention:

Dragon Kings

This was one of the first games from NYX Interactive, and already here you saw how amazing they could be. Dragon Kings looks very unique, with 3 × 3 symbols on the screen and few paylines. Look forward to beautiful colors, a deep, somewhat mysterious atmosphere and special features to help you move forward!

Beauty Salon

This one is probably best suited for our dear women, especially those who like to look after their looks. Beauty Salon is colorful and lively, with fun symbols that focus entirely on beauty and care. Why not take a spin while sitting in the salon waiting for your hair to find its perfect shape?


This too is a special, interesting slot machine with 3 × 3 symbols and a beautiful, deep background - not unlike the first slot machine we mentioned here. However, Paradiso comes with a relaxing, positive vibe that draws you to life in the heat, with palm trees and starfish as protagonists.

Pirates Treasure Trove

Looking for a perfect Quickspin video slot with a fun theme, Pirates Treasure Trove is the perfect choice. This detailed cartoon style vending machine will be appreciated by all our readers, regardless of gender or age. Get ready for cool bonus features and big treasures!

Tiki Treasure

This, too, is a colorful, detailed video slot that takes you to sunny beaches and lush surroundings, but here everything is about the Pacific Island culture. Tiki Treasure is bright, positive and beautiful, with wide betting opportunities and frequent free spins to help you move forward!

Jackpot 3333

N YX Interactive has also created classic slot machines, though with modern ancestry. Jackpot 3333 is a wonderful, new-fashioned classic with all the good old symbols of the old days as well as multiplying and huge payouts if you are lucky. Can you get rid of 3 333 coins from one lousy spin? Try it out today!


SG Digital is and will be one of the world's largest casino giants, with a global reach and several subsidiaries, all of which have their own solid reputation. NYX Gaming and the game developer NYX Interactive are a key part of this casino group, and we can recommend all our readers to become better acquainted with their games. Here you can look forward to high quality, beautiful graphics and many different details that add the finishing touch. Just remember to hand in a juicy welcome bonus when you sign up with a select casino player, so your experience lasts longer and you get the chance to try out more cool video slots - be it from NYX Interactive or not!

Responsible Gaming
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Responsible Gaming

Gambling addiction has always been a vulnerable issue, and the debate continues over whether online casinos can do more to help players at risk. Ultimately, it should be people's own responsibility to control themselves and their spending, but the casino players still do their best to help people stay in control. The UKGC and MGA regulators have even made tools such as deposit limits and gaming breaks mandated by all casino sites wishing to apply for a license from these agencies. It is very important to be able to limit yourself when you want to enjoy online casino games, so let's take a look at the various tools you have available! The Casino Specialist provides you with the most common responsible gaming tools you can activate on your own!

So playing online casino is meant to be a form of entertainment. Many players use online casinos as they are intended to be used, but unfortunately there are also some players who are unable to restrict their gambling. Playing for money can then eventually become a problem. It is therefore important that you as a player are aware of danger signals that you start to lose control and no longer play responsibly.

*Responsible gaming is mainly about playing because you want to play, not because you feel you have to play.

To maintain a healthy relationship with gambling, follow these tips:

  • Play only with money that you can afford to lose.
  • Don't gamble anymore to win back what you already lost.
  • Keep track of how much time you spend on gambling.
  • Never borrow money to play.

Increased Reminders

This is the most common tool of them all, and in many online casinos, session reminders are actually enabled by default when you sign up. The principle of this tool is very simple - every half hour or hour a small box will pop up on your screen and tell you exactly how long you've been playing . At the same time you will see an overview of how much you have wagered, how much you have won and how much you have lost. This is how you get to know exactly how the budget fits, while also being reminded that you have other things to do in your spare time. Forget about playing until dawn just because you forgot the time - with session reminders you are guaranteed a clear, clear and vigilant gaming experience every single time. If you ask us, you should also have more reminders at Netflix and some addictive computer games!

Deposit Limits

Speaking of restrictions, it is precisely the deposit limits that attract the most attention lately. In fact, online casinos with a UKGC license must activate a deposit limit as soon as you register your account! In other places, you can activate the border yourself while choosing exactly how it works. Deposit limits are divided into daily, weekly and monthly sums - you can activate one of them, or have all three active at the same time. As soon as you hit the "ceiling" of your deposits, you must wait until the next period begins before you can make new deposits. The alternative, however, is to raise the limits, but this is a rather cumbersome process where you will have to wait for at least two days before the changes take effect. However, you can lower deposit limits at any time and this will be activated immediately. Deposit limits are perfect for those who have set a budget - as long as you stick to the money you spend on casino entertainment, your experience will be responsible and positive all the way.

Loss Limits

This tool practically acts as a deposit limit, only that it counts your losses instead of your deposits. It really is in the name! On the one hand, loss limits may be more lucrative than deposit limits, since you can actually win with your deposits and thus hold on long before you see a negative trend. Loss limits, on the other hand, are an extra insurance policy that ensures that you do not lose more money than you can afford.. When setting a monthly budget for the gambling games, it is important that you consider how much you can afford to lose. If you choose this sum as your loss limit at the selected online casino, you are insured if you have not been successful. At the same time, loss limits can also be a negative tool, as you may be tempted to play until you lose all your money and hit that limit. The casino specialist recommends that you activate both at the same time, in addition to the session reminders. This way you are insured against most things and will not be at risk if frustration sets in.

Playing Pauses

If you notice that the tools above are not helping you, or if you still want to play more, it may be time for a little break. This tool is perfect for those of you who may have had a very bad day and want to do something completely different from playing casino games, but need some help to stay away. Pauses can be activated for anywhere from a few hours to a day, several days or a week. If you notice that you are struggling to keep your fingers away from the dish, it may be worth taking a slightly longer break. When the pause period is over, the account will reopen automatically and you will have access to the games again immediately. If you have cooled down and taken control of the gaming urge, simply restart the casino games. If, on the other hand, you notice that gambling is becoming a serious problem, you must immediately activate a self-exclusion. Read the next section!


This is the last resort for many players, and fortunately, online casinos have begun to work together to make life easier for people who are addicted. It's one thing to be at risk, and something completely different to actually feel the craving for cash games around the clock. Gambling addiction is very serious, and casino players understand this. To help people, self-exclusion has become the perfect way out. When you enable a self-exclusion, your account will remain locked for at least six months - you will not have access to any games, no play money or real money, you will not be able to log in, you will not be able to open any new accounts, and you will not receive any advertising or similar from the online casino. Also, all your accounts with other casino sites with the same license will be closed down during the same period, and some casino players will work across different licenses to close even more accounts at the same time. All this is done so as not to give people any way out of the limit, and rather seek help to get back on track!