What forms of online casino scams are there on the internet?

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When it comes to casino games on the Internet, not a few players assume fraud immediately. What was actually a problem in the early days of the Internet or online casinos today is virtually excluded by the extensive regulation. Legislation has also set a tight framework for online casinos to act. Without proof of compliance, there is no gambling license. But where there are guidelines, greedy vendors are trying to find loopholes that can be exploited. These may not be legally voidable, but still evidence of dubious behavior. This page shows you some important things to watch out for.

  • Manipulation of the game results
  • Delayed payouts
  • Unauthorized account blocking
  • Unfair bonus terms

How can one protect oneself from manipulation of game results?

As a player you can hardly look behind the scenes of an online casino and how random the individual scores are, one can only guess. But there is a way to identify secure and reliable providers. In fact, if a casino has a gambling license, it means that the random number generator (RNG) is under the supervision of the regulator and all the scores are transparent. For example the UK casino regulation is done by the Gambling Commission.

The licensing terms also require monthly releases of disbursement rates performed by independent testing laboratories. However, a casino can not hire any testing laboratory, but may only hire a company certified by the regulatory authority. First of all, pay attention to which authority the casino has received its gambling license from.

Delayed Payments - How long may the processing take?

To begin with, there are no binding rules on how long a payout can take at most. However, there are some clues to distinguish good from bad casinos. But first we have to differentiate between the processing time through the casino and the actual transfer. In addition, there is the identity check for the prevention of money laundering, which, however, as in the MrGreen Casino only needs to be done once and should not be considered here.

The actual transfer Let's look first at the duration of the actual transfers. This depends heavily on the technical and organizational conditions of the individual payment service providers. Purely electronic transfers within a provider are usually processed immediately. So if you have a payout via PayPal The transfer from the PayPal account of the casino to your personal PayPal account will happen in fractions of a second. When it comes to bank transfers between two different institutions, this looks a little different. Even if these are also done electronically today, there may be slight delays here. Normally this should not last longer than a day, but in exceptional cases it can take up to 3 days over the weekend. But the longest payment takes place via a bank check. This must first be created and then sent by post, which can take a few weeks in total.

The duration of the actual transfer still comes the processing by the casino. This includes the internal processing for the preparation of the transfer execution as well as the documentation for the proof of money laundering prevention for the legislator. Depending on the internal organization, this may take a different amount of time, but it should not take more than 3 days. But if this process takes 6 days, for example, then you have to ask yourself if the casino is working professionally or if the payments are not deliberately delayed, in order to give the player the opportunity to cancel the payment yet again and again play. Although this is not an online casino fraud in the true sense, this is a bit dubious.

Choose a casino with many active players

The safest way to drive, if one decides for a provider who has been in the market for a very long time and has a lot of players. Because then it is very likely a reputable and trustworthy provider, in which the players are satisfied for a long time and have no complaints that would spread quickly on the Internet. Dubious or fraudulent casinos today have no chance to survive more than a month, because the flow of information is far too fast these days and if there is a scandal somewhere, it spreads like wildfire. The fraud is publicized immediately and the players are warned accordingly. Nevertheless, it will be too late for the players involved.

But if you choose a reputable provider who has proven for years that he works fine, an online casino scam is almost impossible. The 888 Casino is one of the TOP renowned casinos in the industry and has been active on the market for almost 20 years. It not only has over 25 million registered members, but has received 13 awards at international awards in the last 7 years. Not only has this not gotten more than any other casino, but one of the most prestigious awards for "Best Online Casino of the Year" 888 could win between 2011 and 2013 for three consecutive years.

How to avoid account lockouts?

One reads again and again of cases in which a player account was allegedly arbitrarily blocked. First, the cries of fraud are loud and if you question the facts a bit more critical, it often turns out that the affected player has violated the terms and conditions. You can protect yourself against arbitrary blocking of your account by choosing an officially licensed casino under the supervision of a reputable regulatory authority. Furthermore, you should note the following points, which lead to a closure of the player account according to most of the general terms and conditions.